San Carlos, Adapting to Change


In order to transcend in time, it is fundamental to anticipate and adapt to new trends. Being aware of these, we are constantly developing strategies and actions seeking to maintain us as the leaders of the sugar industry. One of the actions that makes us proud is teamwork, a key element that has become one of our main strengths, both facing and overcoming challenges.

Currently, as a firm, we have an excellent reputation due to our investment in the country in productive, quality and reach areas. We promote innovation, we make changes in our operations, we seek to save and enhance our operational efficiency in order to guarantee a sustainable business model and keep us as the leaders of productivity and sales in the national market.

Under this new business vision, we are the first agroindustry capable of supplying sugar demand in all its presentations. Our trusty and unique distribution channels provide to all our customers, making us the favorite brand among consumers and allowing us to be present in every Ecuadorian household.

Sugar is not just sugar, when San Carlos does it!

San Carlos’ safety and health in the workplace gets a new certification

San Carlos’ safety and health in the workplace gets a new certification

In Ingenio San Carlos, we strongly believe Human Talent is the most valuable asset of our firm. This belief of ours has gotten us to strive in knowing in advance all unwanted but possible events in the workplace (accidents), thus lowering workplace risk and guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for our employees. Proof of this is the ISO 45001:2018 certification on Safety and Health in the Workplace, replacing the OHSAS 18001:2007.

This world-class certification is the result of a process including several stages, starting with identification, analysis and assessment of the inherent workplace risks in each one of the job positions in Ingenio San Carlos. Furthermore, a Preventive Plan was developed and socialized within the firm. After that, several control actions were made resulting in the reduction of injuries and health issues.

These actions, performed with clear leadership by our Directive, present positive results for Ingenio San Carlos. Both accident rate and absenteeism were lowered; job performance and our branding and corporate image noticeably improved.

We are more than just sugar, we are occupational health and safety!

San Carlos Sugar Welcomes to the new students of Escuela Culinaria (Culinary School)

San Carlos Sugar Welcomes to the new students of Culinary School

180 gastronomy lovers took their first step in their professional carrers as Pastry and Bakery Chefs. The Escuela Culinaria de las Américas, a renowned culinary school in Guayaquil, opened its door to their new students in Culinary Art, held on February 3, 2020 and Pastry and Bakery Chef held on February 5.

As a welcome present, Azúcar San Carlos gifted them a sample of our Powdered Sugar. This formula apart from being designed to pastry, bakery and dessert decoration, counts with a practical and new packaging: easy open, self-standing bag, and Ziplock. We guarantee our product will accompany these Chefs throughout their whole careers, from the kitchen classroom of Escuela Culinaria to the most renowned kitchens in both Ecuadorian and international kitchens.

Escuela Culinaria also received more than a dozen mini Chefs, and almost 30 junior chefs. They will learn the kitchen craft for a month and a half during summer, and they will learn and practice how to prepare superhero cupcakes. Azúcar San Carlos will be in charge of providing flavor with their sugar and the little ones with their creativity giving life to their most beloved superheroes.

Azúcar San Carlos trusts in each of these Chef’s passion about baking, added to the education and training they will get from Escuela Culinaria de las Américas, they will surely shine in the kitchen. We wish them the best of luck in this beautiful, fun and tasty career.

We are more than sugar, we are passion for baking!