By reducing water consumption through process improvements, we use our resources efficiently, recirculating them.

Some of our innovations include water consumption decrease by 95% in the gas scrubber system in the boilers and a decrease in 55% in water needed in the cooling towers.

Thanks to the redesign of capacitors and hydrokinetic cleaning implementation, we have achieved a 38% reduce in river water demand for our evaporation system. Furthermore, we have reduced water usage in our juice clarification system by adding a muddy juice filtration system.

Our production methods become cleaner and greener by saving water, hence another Green Dot certification!

The Optimization Green Dot of factory water use consists of reducing water consumption through process improvements, modification and maximum use of resources through recirculation.

Our main innovations include:

  1. A clarification plant, reduces 95% of water consumption of the gas scrubber system in the boilers, reducing 95% of particle emission simultaneously.
  2. Cooling towers, to recirculate water though the mill, reducing 55% of water demand.
  3. Capacitor redesign for the evaporation system, reducing river water demand by 38%, just used as passing water.
  4. Muddy juice filtration system, saving approximately 50 m³/hour (50000 l/hour) of water.
  5. Capacitor redesign, hydrokinetic cleaning and improvements in the cooling system have reduced 38% of river water consumption for the evaporation systems. Also, with the use of mud from the clarification process as a biofertilizer in our sugar cane crops, we achieve an efficient use of waste generated by the production process