Only a few companies in Ecuador count within their facilities a fully working Hospital for their workers, their families and people in their community. San Carlos Hospital is a second-level hospital, and it has 3rd level of complexity (Basic Hospital) of category II-4, according to Ecuadorian health laws. It counts with early diagnosis, timely and effective treatment and rehabilitation.

The hospital provides emergency room services, short term hospitalization, dental services, prescription services, laboratory services, x-ray services, ultrasound services, physiatry services and hospitalization for: general internal medicine, surgical procedures, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric specialty care.


  • Emercengy Room: resident doctor, medical assistant, nursing in 24-hour shifts.
  • Hospitalization: 19 beds
  • Short-term hospitalization: general internal medicine, pediatric specialty care, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgical services and cardiology department.
  • Laboratory and Blood Services
  • Surgical Center
  • Pharmacy and prescription services
  • X-ray and ultrasound services
  • Physiatry and Rehabilitation

Strategic Alliances:

Signed agreement with UEES (faculty hospital) Medical Science School Dr. Enrique Ortega.
Signed agreement to admit IESS users.

Preventive and Occupational Health:

Our workers’ safety and health are one of our primary concerns in everyday activities. We have maximum priority for every aspect for safety and health, so that we can be the best in preventive management for every worker’s duties.