Our educational programs count with large and well-managed facilities. Our workers’ children receive a value-based education for free. People from our neighboring community can sign-up their children for a low price. /p>

  • “Jardín y Escuela Luis Vernaza” School, it has Preschool (Nursery and Kindergarten) up to 10th basic education year (equivalent to freshman year of high-school in a 3-stage school system). Its preschool has 180 students and 5 teachers. Its school has 823 students and 20 teachers.
  • San Carlos Night School with 188 students and 21 teachers.
  • A large computing room was installed to improve our students’ education with 50 cutting-edge technology computers, where out students conduct research, receive practical lessons and there are completely familiarized with technology by now.
  • Art and music have been promoted through the creation of the San Carlos Student Orchestra, formed by 65 students and lead by a music professional, they develop their musical talent with musical instruments supplied by the company, so that they can participate in activities both within the community and outside of it.